Boot Camp Week One: 2 Things They Don’t Tell You


Five days down, 15 more to go.  Loving it.  Haven’t knocked out that 10 pounds yet, but am feeling good.

However, as I prepare for week two, there are two things that I learned this week.  Clearly, worth sharing to anyone who is vaguely interested in enrolling in a fitness boot camp.

1)  Carry your weights in wheeled luggage.   These women take their workouts serious (see picture above).  Because when I was walking into the building with my mint green and light pink Anthropologie canvas tote thrown over my shoulder, I felt like I was out of uniform.  Do you know that feeling?  Like someone forgot to give you the memo?  And, I thought to myself–why, of course, that makes total sense.  Wheeled luggage.  Who knew?  Why didn’t I think of that? Well, because I have 28% BMI, that’s why.  Listen ladies, take my Private Benjamin moment to heart, chuckle and pack your luggage.

2)  Buy a thick, foamy yoga mat.  I have scabs on both elbows from the amount of time I spent in the plank position.  Like my pretty bag I toted, I thought my pink yoga mat would work just fine.  No, these ladies do it right.  They understand the effects of cold, hard concrete.  We’re talking thick foam mats.  Some of them even double up.  They’re smart.  And, back to my scabs. Yes, I did a lot of figiting due to the amount of intense pain I was enduring, so friction may have been the culprit.  Regardless, take my word:  one hour of an intense workout on a concrete floor demands a sleep number mat.

Carry on.  Week two here I come.

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Cincy Boot Camp. Here I come.


Lunches are packed.  Vegeys and fruit are sliced and diced for the entire week.  Table is set for breakfast tomorrow.  And, my car is loaded with weights that will become my new early morning accessories.  @Cincyfit here I come.  Boot camp.  That’s what I’ve signed up for.  Or, death, perhaps if you 44 and out of shape as I am.

Tomorrow I start four weeks of early mornings rolling out of bed at 5 to change my habits.  Or, realize that I’m too old to do so.  So, cheers to my 28% bmi.  Stay tuned for the journey.  Because, undoubtedly, it will be one.

PS.  Sarah, thanks for the inspiration.  ;-) 

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